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Welcome to Pizza Gourmande in Laval !
Everything fresh, everything hot, mamma mia it’s so good!

Pizza Gourmande offers an impressive selection of pizzas, as well as other specialties, prepared fresh on a daily basis.

The chef and owner of the pizzeria uses his 25 years of experience to prepare the best traditional Italian recipes, using ancient bread-making techniques. These techniques allow him to create a wide variety of pizzas, rich in flavor while following the strictest criteria of quality.

The chef’s secret is in the recipe of the dough, sauce, cooking time and his inspiration along with his vast experience, to which we add a dash of love and a pinch of passion and in the end… you will taste the best cold pizza in town!

You can taste them in one of the food courts at Marché Gourmand or savor them at home.

Our pizza dough recipe is egg-free and contains no dairy.
Our products are not in contact and do not contain sesame seeds or peanuts or any other nuts.

Vegetarian Pizza
Our unique pizza and sauce recipes create a vegetarian pizza extraordinary.
Apple bread
It’s an excellent brioche that can be eaten baked or as French toast.