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Our sandwiches are always fresh.

Our sandwiches are always fresh and made to order. We mix a variety of cold meats and ingredients (marinated eggplant, dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, mustard etc.) according to your taste. These sandwiches are all made with ciabatta bread.

  • Turkey $4.95
  • The Italiano $4.95 (mortadella, capicollo)
  • The Godfather $4.95 (salami,capicollo)
  • The Bomba $4.95 (calabrese, spicy capicollo)
  • The Aviator $6.99 (chicken breast)
  • Toscana $6.99 (prosciutto)
  • Mondial $4.95 (Italian sausages)
  • Tour de France $5.99 (white ham)

Our products are not in contact and do not contain sesame seeds or peanuts or any other nuts.